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Complex Travel Advisory
There are thousands of destinations around the globe for
travelers to visit. Some of them are easy to reach then
others, some of them are safer then others. It is always
necessary to be familiar with all the specific rules of
specific destination of your travel. Each country has its
own rules and specification for travelers, specific
environment protection policies to respect and specific
health precaution principles to obey. Travelers needs to
be aware of these laws and to be respectful to every
country policies.
Globespin can direct your attention to some
useful sources of those type of information ( ) Best source to learn
each country you will be visiting policies and
rules is to visit specific country government
web page.
Be aware of each
country unique
rules, policies and
 - environment
 - health
 - cultural
 - ethnic
 - religions
 - financial
 - trading
 - animal
 - handicapped
 - politics
 - censoship
 - import/export