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Complex Travel Advisory
There is probably not more important issue during your
travel time than to maintain high level of safety for you
and all you travel companion (children, animals,
handicapped individuals, individuals with disabilities) .
Your safety can be jeopardize by your surroundings
(objects, cars), by circumstances (weather, fire,
accidents) and unusual occurrences (falling meteorite,
earthquake, tsunami, animal aggressivity etc.).                                               
We want to help you to deal with
situations like this during your travel,
vacation or business trip. Please visit
to be prepared ahead for unpredictable
situation and to come  home from your
trip safely.
Your safety can be
jeopardize by:
 - suroundings
  (objects, cars)
 - weather
 - fire
 - accidents
 - falling objects
 - earthquake
 - tsunami
 - animal